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Almost all the girls all desire a stunning body, in order to achieve that, you need a perfect hip and a bouncing bust.

Now, let’s coming with 10 women with the giant “chest” that billion people admire

10: Sabrina Sabrok

She is a Mexcan model and a host of a TV show, Sabrina Sabrok also gets lots of attention because her “doubled mountain” reached 130cm.
In order to have those oversized boobs, she had to go through 12 plastic surgeries.
Having such a sexy body, with a 1m74 height, the 3 measurements of this actress and multifunctional model is 130 – 55- 95, which is the dream of many other girls Sharing with people
She admits: “Sometimes I feel so sick of my oversized boobs.
Every morning when I wake up I feel annoyed because they swing to the left and right and all falls into one side, and that takes me a lot of effort to “reorganize” it properly”

9: Susan Sykes

This woman used her heavy boobs weigh 9kg to split half of the watermelon in front of many shocking observations from people Susan, from Boston, goes by the name Busty
Heart, and she has become famous for smashing objects with her size 34m breasts.
At one time she effortlessly crushed a can of soda with them, she has also been featured on America’s Got Talent and the TV show Botched.
Her ginormous breasts have made her lots of cash, so she had them insured with their own policy.
Susan is also a very rich woman, she intends to buy an island near the Maine seashore to build her house up there aswell as owning a famous strip club named “ Busty Heart’s place” in Turtle Point Pennsylvania

8: Norma Stitz

She is the one who has the biggest boobs in the world but are 100% natural Her official name is Annie Hawkins Turner, from Georgia.
Norma Stitz was recorded in the Guiness World Book Record with the title: a person with the naturally biggest boobs in the world.
Besides, she also has the biggest bra on the planet.
At the moment when she was recognized with her oversized boobs, her 3 measurements were: 178 – 122 – 132.
Currently, her bust size has reached 259cm.
Amazing !

7: Chelsea Charms

Born in 1976, Charms began developing huge boobs while at a young age.
Before she started working as a breast model, she was a pole performer with Natural D Cups.
Charms made history in 2000 after she received polypropylene string implants, also known as string breast implants.
These implants boost breasts growth, causing them to swell with fluid. So, her boobs are always growing.
In fact, Charms doctors have estimated that her breasts have enlarged from the original 2500cc they contained on the day of surgery to over 7000cc today.

6: Maxi Mounds

It will be a huge mistake if not mentioning this girl!
Maxi Mounds is an American stripper who became famous for her super big breasts.
Each side of her breasts weighs 9kg, but this is not a natural breast but due to the plastic implant method.
Ms. Mounds was once recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the owner of the world's largest implanted breast with a breast measurement of 153,67 cm.
Every time she appeared in front of the crowd, people keep talking about her, however, Maxi Mounds said she was used to the gossip of people because of her unusually large breasts.
Personally, she just felt more awkward at times because of her oversized breasts!

5: Martina Big – 20 kg

A glamour model who has transformed her look with the help of tanning injections and extensive plastic surgery has now revealed she wants to have the biggest breasts in the world.
Martina Big, 30, from Germany, shocked This Morning presenters and viewers alike when she appeared on the programme today, declaring she wants breast implants weighing 20 litres.
With Holly and Phil questioning how she would manage life with the enormous implants, she attempted to demonstrate her strength by lifting up two huge water cooler bottles weighing 18.9 litres.

4: Kristy Love

She is an American with a huge breast of about 48 year, weighing up to 14kg, Kristy Love from Atlanta, Georgi, is another boobs queen with the “largest natural breasts” in the world.
She’s a masseuse, earning over $1,000 a day smothering clients with her ginormous assets.
She sees clients interested in massages or adult entertainment.
Love claims her boobs massage will “keep you focused on the present and give you the opportunity to experience all aspects of your nature, not just a part of your persona.”
Having big boobs has been the continuous gene of Kristy’s family.
Her oldest sister has her chest reaching up to the 52NN bra size but have been lowered to the H size, and right now, Kristy is the one who has the biggest boobs in her family.
She also shared that her relatives completely dislike her massage job because they assume that it is an unethical job

3: Lolo Ferrari

She owns 13kg breasts Lolo Ferrari, also called Eve Valois, was
born in February of 1963.
She was a French dancer, actress, and singer, who held the “World’s Guinness Record for largest breasts in France.”
Encouraged by her husband, she underwent 22 breast augmentations.
However, she required a specifically engineered bra and multiple medications to reduce pain from her enlarged breasts.
Sadly, she has been quoted that she went through breast enlargement because she “couldn’t stand life.”
Lolo died in 2000, at 37, soon after winning the European Large Breast Championship.

2: Sheyla Hershey

Sheyla Hershey, a 31-year-old model from Houston, Texas, USA, is addicted to breast augmentation.
She has undergone a lot of breast augmentation surgeries.
Recently, she continued to rely on such surgeries to regain a size of 38 year after having to remove it due to infection.
In 2010, after a failed breast augmentation, Sheyla became seriously infected.
She had to go to Houston hospital for emergency surgery.
Lately, Sheyla Hershey resumed breast surgery despite the possible consequences.
She had to undergo it in secret so her husband could not detect and stop this dangerous act.
Although the surgery helped her regain her large breasts, Sheyla was still not satisfied and said that her breasts were too small.

1: Beshine

Beshine claims to have the world’s biggest augmented breasts! She sports a size 27z.
And at 5’6, her mega gigantic boobs size is quite unbelievable.
Each of Beshine’s breast contains 10,000cc of saline.
The average woman gets about 200-400cc, so this is somewhat a leap!
She weighs 130lbs, and her breasts are said to take up over 40lbs of her average weight.
She’s a self-proclaimed boobie greed monster who just want to go bigger and bigger.
So this is the list of top 10 woman having giant boobs in the world.
Owning such big chest might be really annoying.
Does anyone of you feel admirable like me?
Hopefully the above knowledge is helpful for you guys!
Thanks and see ya !

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