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The web has demonstrated that felines are a boundless wellspring of satisfaction and amusement. Right now, Google can get you over 3.72 (BILLION) results for "feline." And, guess what? That number is developing since individuals can't get enough of felines and all that they do (or what individuals do with them).
Take Adrian and his dearest felines Atlas and CleoCatra, for example. Despite the fact that they have their own one of a kind Instagram where both demonstrate on the day by day that there is a lot of enjoyable to be had as felines, their human partner likewise has some good times with them—like photoshopping a hand with a bit of paper that has a bit of an outward appearance on it to make it seem as though a ridiculous photograph of the felines making faces.




Meet Atlas, the charming Scottish overlap, and CleoCatra, the Scottish longhair whose proprietor chose to zest up their cute photographs. Not that they required further enhancements in light of the fact that both are charming, yet what he did is unquestionably a quite fun expansion.
Thus, their Instagram was as of late graced with a determination of photographs where Atlas and CleoCatra were photoshopped with a hand and a bit of paper with an arbitrary outward appearance acceptable before their charming fluffy face, establishing an entirely reasonable connection that both the chonk and the longhair are really responding in a nutty manner.
Map book has been living for 2.5 years now in Melbourne, Australia along with her human buddy Adrian (with whom Our team connected for a meeting) and her beautiful sister CleoCatra.




The outward appearances are simply changed eyes and mouths. You know, the irate gaze, the "are you genuine?" face, the conventional grin, the grimace, the silly face, the restless face, and a wide range of different appearances. And afterward your cerebrum wraps up, making it resemble a truly convincing articulation that any feline could pull off.
It resembles Disneyfying your canine with a Snapchat channel, aside from more unrefined in the execution, yet at the same time entertainingly cute.
"I'm continually searching for thoughts for making inventive posts and went over a picture online with a white face cover with various outward appearances on it," clarified Adrian on the motivation behind the photographs. "This gave me the plan to do the white strip outward appearances concentrating on the mouth and eyes as these are the most expressive pieces of the face."




We've requested that Adrian reveal to us a tad about the two stunning felines:

"Map book is a delight to have around the house. She's peculiar and wants to lay on her back with her paws not yet decided. She wants to pursue me around the house and is consistently inquisitive and has to realize what I'm getting up to. She appreciates a decent pat and kitty rub followed by a long feline snooze.
" He proceeded: "CleoCatra is really Atlas' organic sister yet from an alternate litter. Their mom is a Scottish Fold and father a British Shorthair—which is the moral way Scottish Folds ought to be reproduced, consequently why Atlas has collapsed years and CC doesn't. Map book seems as though her dad, yet acquired her mother'ss collapsed ears and CC appears as though her mom, yet acquired her father\ss straight ears.
CC is the commonplace younger sibling and wants to chase after Atlas. Map book cherishes her younger sibling and you will frequently discover them nestling together." "CC is a lot of a lap feline and cherishes human consideration and she is so adoring and smoochy. She is loaded with interest and you'll frequently locate both of them pursuing you around the house or holding up at the shower entryway. The two of them appreciate a decent pat and human consideration. CC is somewhat cheekier and will frequently look out the corner for her older sibling prepared to jump."




Atlas’ and CleoCatra’s Instagram is chock-full of goofy cat things. Everything from sleeping to striking kooky resting poses to videos of Atlas staring at the ceiling to CleoCatra meowing adorably to even more hilarious photoshopped goodness. With over 1,700 posts, the two have amassed 121,000 followers.
“It’s sometimes hard to get a cat to pose the way you want it to for a photo, so I always make sure I have my phone/camera at hand. There is, however, trickery behind the facial expression images of Atlas and CleoCatra,” explained Adrian. “The snippets of card and hand have been photoshopped in after I took the picture as it would be too difficult to match the same pose with different mouths and eyes each time. The eyes and mouths are modified from online clip art to suit the facial expressions. It was just a matter of working out which expressions worked best.”
The felines have a substantial amount of followers on his Instagram, so they are no stranger to fame (as much as cats can be used to it), but this particular set of photos drew the internet’s eyes like candy. When they hit Imgur, it managed to receive over 127,000 views with almost 3,000 upvotes.




One commenter joked that Atlas is “one moody cat”, while another one said “now do one with ears”, poking fun at Atlas’ breed that is characterized by cute folded ears. Yet others wish there were more expressions. Speaking of which, we’ve asked Adrian if he’ll be doing more of these and he said this:
“The facial expressions were a hit, but I try not to repeat the same theme over and over again. I’m always coming up with fun and creative content so stay tuned to see what we do next.”
Be sure to follow Atlas and CleoCatra on their Instagram for more cat mischief and goodness. But before you go, let us know what you’ve thought about this? Do you think the internet needs more of Atlas’ and CleoCatra's facial expressions? Let us know in the comment section below!






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