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Love always brings us lots of surprises,
however, there are many love stories that sound very crazy

8 : virtual wedding

A wedding taken place in Tokyo, Japan, when the man got married with his girlfriend – who is an unreal gaming character.
On the wedding day, this guy used a Virtual Reality screen to look at the eyes of his
bride, together making the promises and giving their passionate kiss as an official couple
This idea of getting married with a virtual person first started from the game “Nitttzuma Lovely x Cation”.
So basically in the game, the player will develop a romantic relationship with the virtual
person in the game, and somehow given the opportunity to get married with that unreal
person right on the game

7 : Charity Pierce – Tony Saur

Charity Pierce, is a famous fat girl in America, who is currently living in Iowa states and weighs up to 350kg.
She's now holding the title “the heaviest woman in the world”, although this lady does face many difficulties in her daily life due to her enormous size, but nobody would believe that there is actually a person fell for her right at the first sight, and surprisingly, recently, she shared that she is intended to get married with Tony Saur, who is 16 years younger than her He truly loves her and is always a supporter, for her everywhen she needs, together working out with her and motivates her to lose weights.
Her goal is to lose 1/3 of her current weight to fit in her wedding dress
Their love story is so amazing, right guys?

6 : Dore - Abdulleh

A 112-year old man, Mr Somalia, has remarried for the 6th time with a 17-year-old girl.
The wedding of Ahmed Muhamed Dore and Safia Abdulleh taken place in Guriceel, Galguduud, a part of Somalia, and they have set up a new world record as the couple with the biggest age gap in the world.
As a matter of fact, they used to live in the same town and Mr Dore had waited until his wife could reach 17 years old and get married with him.

Maria, Paul, and...Peter

I know that nobody wanna have a 3rd wheel interrupting their love story, but Maria Butzki, really enjoys living with 2 men at the same time.
She said that at first, she was just looking to build up a normal family but after all, still decided to leave her husband and fall in love with another guy.
Unlucky, after getting divorced, Maria started missing her husband and kids extremely.
So finally, she asked her husband if she can get her lover home and live under the same roof with him.
Surprisingly, her husband was totally okay with it.
I am wholly shocked!
What about you?
Quickly comment your opinion about this couple below!

4 : Steven and Amanda

Miss Amanda already suffered from the osteogenesis imperfecta syndrome when she was born.
And whenever she sneezes, her bones are about to break.
That's why doctors have diagnosed that her lifespan couldn’t last long, but miracle did come to her life, and she has now reached her maturity milestone.
Under the help of her wheel chair, she can confidently take care of herself. Thought that nobody would fall in love with her, but in 2007, she met Steven – a 1.85m tall guy and decided to get married after a few years dating together.
God has given them a precious gift – which is Aidan – their lovely kid.
What an amazing love story, right guys?

3 : Kate Bushnell – Abbie Games

Kate Bushnell and Abbie Games, is a lesbian couple and have been living together for 2 years.
On a beautiful day, Abbie confessed with Kate that she feels like a man living in a female
body and would love to change her body into a real man for the rest of her life.
Being overwhelmed, Kate lost quite a great amount of time to accept this truth, but still
supported Abbie to do it and change her name into a male’s name – Finlay
While observing the process of Abbie transforming into a man, kate suddenly wanna start doing it too.
And after that, she switched into a new person, whose name is – Drew.
This lesbian couple finally got married in the end, what a happy ending right, guys?

2 : Mom got married to son

Marina Balmasheva (35 years old) is a social media influencer in Russia.
She is well-known because of her diet journey.
However, she faced many criticisms when announcing she’s gonna get married with her son – Vladimir, 20 years old, who she has been adopted for more than 10 years.
Well, obviously, her announcement created a shockwave on social media.
She even uploaded a photo, in which the left side was when she was 22 years old and her son was 7, and the other side is their current status right now as a real couple.
Many people have spoken up and view this as an immoral behavior.
What do you think about this?
Comment your opinion below!

1 : Mom got married to son

A 9-year-old boy from Africa, has become the youngest groom in the world when he got married with a 62-year-old woman, and this is her 2nd marriage in total.
At that moment, she already had 5 kids, the people in the town were literally frozen when seeing them kissing each other and cutting the wedding cake together, because this is an illegal wedding.
Masilela proudly said: “I am very happy to get married with Helen.
But that doesn’t mean I’m gonna drop school, When I officially become a grownup,
I wanna get married with a person at the same age as me”
After the wedding, the couple didn’t live together and didn’t even have their marriage license registered.
They came back to their normal life and live on their own, that is so weird!
The previous top list are top 10 most special love stories
What do you feel about them?
Don't hesitate to comment your opinion about them below

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